Thursday, July 15, 2010

#165 unofficial etsy featured seller - melabo

#165 unofficial etsy featured seller - melabo
Date joined etsy- 2/4/07
Sales to date - 1676
-Give us some basic info about you: name, where you live, kids/pets, favorite ice cream flavor, etc.

My name is Megan. I have a husband and a siamese kitty named “yoko”. I live in New Hampshire, the “Arkansas of New England”….. where for whatever reason the phase “live free or die” is just casual chit chat.

If I begin to think about ice cream, I will have to stop typing, walk down the hill, and get some.

-Describe an average day in life of "you".

During the school year I am an adjunct professor. This means that I have the summer off, in theory…..because I am an “adjunct” , this also means that financially there is no way for me to survive the summer. Thank goodness for art and etsy. I am always joking that I make art to support my teaching.

So, the summer is about enjoying the beautiful weather, and making stuff. This summer’s bad news is that I lost my studio. Operations have been make-shift at best. I am making my work on my porch and in my dining room, then driving 45 minutes to a kiln that I can use. One must suffer for one’s art and all, however I really will need a new solution to this soon. It has become a mental roadblock for me. I’m sure most of you guys have experienced the frustration of not being able to express the ideas floating around in your head. Bad.

-Were you creative growing up/what did you enjoy doing?

Except for a brief power-hungry phase in fourth grade, I did always want to be some sort of artist. I loved building and collecting stuff. Lots of outside time collecting bark, berries, acorns, rocks. I was always attracted to artsy people and unusual lifestyles. I was shy, but I certainly had my eye on quirky outfits, interesting homes, people who had their own agenda. I wanted an agenda of my own. That led to art school and eventually to clay.

-What made you want to start selling on etsy?

I knew that the market for my work was not going to be found locally.
Etsy was one hundred percent on a whim. No grand plan. No forethought. And I do recommend this. Think less. Start the shop with what makes sense to you, and see where it heads. The etsy site is so easy to operate and it costs next to nothing. I did not begin thinking that I would be making wedding cake toppers. I just focused on what was interesting for me to make and then paid attention to what buyers were picking up on.

-How long did it take for you to get your first sale on etsy?

It was very quick, in little time etsy became a major part of my life.

……It was also very slow. Often people that do well on etsy, have already put tons of time and energy into developing their work. Hours in the studio. Many failed attempts at creating a unique vision. Lots of time collecting fancy art school degrees, and MFA degrees. This is the training ground that makes some of these initial start up etsy shops look that they just came together as easy as pie.

-Top 5 favorite foods, tv shows, and bands?

Oh no, thoughts of food again. These questions are making me hungry.

No TV in this house, but the interweb allows me to stay addicted to Mad Men, Parks & Rec, and 30 Rock. My husband will tell you that Sunday morning I will crack up over Saturday Night Live, inexplicably this show kills me.

He will also tell you that I have no music knowledge, does NPR count as a band??

-Is there anything you'd like to try your hand at doing? Knitting, baking, soap making, wood working, an instrument, etc.

I cannot stop sewing. Help! I turned a dress from Goodwill into a shirt this morning, and the pattern review website is so engaging these days.

-What would you suggest to new etsy sellers to promote their shops?

1. First, love what you make and enjoy it. Take pride and craft your pieces well.

2. Then, take good photos. Help the buyer understand the material and scale of your work. Be consistent with the images from one listing to the next. Use all five views. The more I can ogle and examine a piece, the more certain I am I want to buy it.

3. Ship as quickly as you can. Folks are waiting. Keep them happy.

4. Take risks. Do not assume the buyer is not up for something strange.

5. List regularly. Spread the work out in the search so that you do not get buried on page 52.

6. Make good, unique, personal work…… and know that it is work. Not every moment with etsy is going to be creative bliss.

-3 etsy shops you just LOVE?

Oooo! This always changes. This week I am looking at:

Justin Durand drawings

Over the top jewels by Raquel Castillo

A little siamese cat ornament by Vintage by Crystal

-One year from now, I hope...

I need a studio. A nice private space, well lit, with the proper electricity. …..can anyone hear me out there? …karma….?

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