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#59 unofficial etsy featured seller - mysweetiepiepie

#59 unofficial etsy featured seller - mysweetiepiepie
Date joined etsy - 6/2/08
Sales to date - 595Give us some basic info about you: name, where you live, kids/pets, favorite ice cream flavor, etc.

-My real name is a top military secret, OK - its actually Liliana. But if that were your name, would you offer it voluntarily?
Where do I live? Always on the edge… but mostly in Northeast Ohio.
Kids/pets? Sure, I’m all for both but don’t currently have either.
Favorite ice cream flavor? How would one choice? Butter pecan makes me happy, maple walnut is my friend, coconut anything gives me the willies.

Describe an average day in life of "you".

-I don’t have an average day, or an average anything really.
I determinately go out of my way to make sure I’m doing something new and different each and every day. Sometimes its just talking with a new person at the market and other times its moving to another continent.

Were you creative growing up/what did you enjoy doing?

-Was I creative as a kid? Does winning the second grade coloring contest count?
I actually did and it was one of the highpoints of my (7 year old) life, I got a signed certificate from the mayor of Cleveland and everything :+)
Truth is, I was an insatiably curious kid and creativity naturally grew out of that. I’d see something and would just have to try replicating it.
To that end, I taught myself how to sew at the age of five with a huge, sharp needle I pilfered from my mother’s sewing basket.
Then, at the age of six, I proceeded to resew each and every button on my very white, very Catholic school girl uniform blouse with a different “pretty thread”.
I diligently made sure that if one button was sewn horizontally than the next would be vertical or an X. And each button, or even every hole, had to be a different bright color.
For some reason, Sister Carmelina did not fully appreciate my efforts.
I actually got sent home to change, in first grade, because of buttons - for crying out loud…
I also taught myself how to knit and crochet by looking at old pattern booklets that I found in the attic. Reading the instructions seemed like too much work so I just figured it out from the pictures.
And like so many others have done, I taught myself how to draw by copying my mother’s wig and Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs.
I also taught myself how to make candles in my aunt’s basement at the age of eight, but that involved metal coffee cans full of melted wax teetering on old hot plates with bad wiring, so we don’t really talk about that…

What made you want to start selling on etsy?

-Well, after I came back to the States from living in Italy I naturally went back to Ebay to get back into the vintage game I so love.
Turns out, Ebay ain’t exactly what it used to be (but then who is?).
Then, looking around, I found that Etsy seemed to be the kind of innovative, energy-packed meeting place that would mesh well with my somewhat unique personality.

So here I am.

How long did it take for you to get your first sale on etsy?

-Well, I listed a killer pair of off-white, lace-up 1980s shoes before I went to bed and they were sold in the morning.

That was good. Top 5 favorite foods, tv shows, and bands?

-Making finite decisions about 15 different things? My poor brain might just explode, lol

Random stream of consciousness…

Sautéed kale with garlic and red wine vinegar
BBQ Ribs, falling off the bone
Hubby’s homemade pizza
Potica with plump golden raisins, for those of you who know…

TV Shows:
Mad Men (of course)
The Good Wife
No Reservations
The Closer
Project Runway

I’m horrible, I don’t keep up with bands, I can barely keep up with my laundry.
However, lately I’ve been listening to streaming radio, 1960’s and 70s classic pop/rock (from Italy no less).
Its an attempt to improve my knowledge of the Italian language for my Italian husband. Who, it turns out, is actually too young to know the songs that I’m learning.
Of course, that doesn’t stop me from bopping around the house singing them at the top of my lungs and pronouncing it all badly - which amuses him to no end.

Is there anything you'd like to try your hand at doing? Knitting, baking, soap making, wood working, an instrument, etc.

-I’ve attempted all of those and aside from the instrument (lame piano, can‘t read music) I’ve done all right.
My latest thing is gardening though.
I‘ve recently ordered almost every seed catalog know to man and plan on constructing the largest, coolest, most galactic garden in the universe. Or a few pots of tomatoes and herbs on the balcony anyway…

What would you suggest to new etsy sellers to promote their shops?

-I know I should have a good answer for this but I just don‘t.
I’ve always simply counted on having a wide assortment of interesting things in my shop. Beyond that, it all gets too technical for me.

3 etsy shops you just LOVE?

-Without a doubt, always impresses me - she consistently has such top-quality vintage designer stuff, so beautifully presented. I just love her style.

And I love sweets, so…

By December 31, 2010 I hope my number of sold items is ______.

-1000, I don’t know if that’s realistic but it’s a nice round number so there you go…

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