Friday, September 10, 2010

#209 unofficial etsy featured seller - blackbirdfashion

#209 unofficial etsy featured seller - blackbirdfashion
Date joined etsy- 11/27/06
Sales to date - 867 -Give us some basic info about you: name, where you live, kids/pets, favorite ice cream flavor, etc.

I live and work in a 100 year old house in Anacortes, WA. I live with my husband and we have a 3 year old son Caspian, and a baby on the way. We have three cats (including one that weighs 25 lbs) and a guinea pig. I am a huge ice cream eater, but my very favorite is Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide.

-Describe an average day in life of "you".

Get up at 6, sneak in a little bit of crafting or house cleaning before Caspian is up. Then we have breakfast and I answer emails and do Etsy listing while he plays. We go for walks, go to the beach, read a million books, do some gardening, or hit the thrift stores until it's lunch/nap time. Then I sew while he naps. In the late afternoon, my husband comes home from work and takes over with Caspian so I can do more sewing and then we all have dinner together. We spend the early evening together and then (ideally) I work for a couple more hours after everyone else is asleep. It's a huge balancing act, and it never feels like I accomplish all I'd like to.

-Were you creative growing up/what did you enjoy doing?

Growing up, I always had a million crafts projects going, which drove my mom nuts. I sewed clothes for my dolls, painted and drew, built tiny buildings and always made a huge mess.

-What made you want to start selling on etsy?

I stopped working my day job while I was pregnant with Caspian, and that's when I tried to make Etsy a bigger part of my business. I love the idea of the larger crafting community, and Etsy is its superstore.

-How long did it take for you to get your first sale on etsy?

It took a little while because I didn't have good pictures at first.

-Top 5 favorite foods, tv shows, and bands?

Blueberries, ice cream, Thai spring rolls, chocolate, cake.

The Closer, the Mentalist, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, Bored to Death

-Is there anything you'd like to try your hand at doing? Knitting, baking, soap making, wood working, an instrument, etc.

Definitely knitting. But I'm afraid it would take over my life.

-What would you suggest to new etsy sellers to promote their shops?

I'm still figuring out how to successfully promote, but I would say being active in the Etsy forums and commenting on blog posts. But don't leave annoying comments and don't over post.

-3 etsy shops you just LOVE?


-One year from now, I hope...

To outsource some of my work, and to successfully balance two kids and a business.

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